A social network for polls.

About the project

With the advent of the internet and social networking, these days everyone is active on social media sharing their point of view about everything. Be it Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter, each one of them has given enough features on their platform for users to express their thoughts. However, the one thing that is still not so popular is polling system. Our client wanted to grab that opportunity and build a product that will be the combination of Typeform + any social media. They wanted to develop a dedicated platform for polls where people can create polls in various ways. And hence Affy was born.

Project Scope

Product and Mobile App Design


3 months

Client Location


Product Design

Given this was our first project in social media networking domain, we were very excited about it.
As usual we followed design thinking process keeping users at the center. The idea was to build something that is familiar and simple. As a result, below are the designs we presented to our clients and they instantly loved it.
(A full case study is coming soon)