Arya Impression

Take you hiring process offline

About the project

Recruiting a right person for the job is not an easy task. Recruiters spend months searching, screening, and finally hiring a person that might not be right fit in terms of both skills and culture. Arya Impression is solving one part of the hiring process. It helps recruiter screen candidates by creating a specific online hiring process for any role and sharing it with candidates they have in their pool. Candidates can complete the process at any time before the application expires. This offline interview process not only filters out no-fits, but also helps those candidates as well who are great in what they do but unfortunately don't perform well in face to face interview. The first scope of the project was to give a basic workflow creation capability where recruiter can create text, audio, video based questionnaire at each step of the hiring process and send it to all the potential candidates with a single click.

Project Scope

Product Design


3 months

Client Location

India, USA

Product Design

Below are some of the screens that were finalized and developed.
(A full case study is coming soon)