Allow us to help "rescue" you from
your Missouri speeding ticket

About the project

The mission of Resqyou is to transform the legal profession by utilizing technology to eliminate inefficiencies, lower costs, and enable transparency to your legal experience.

Resqyou helps "rescue" you from your Missouri speeding ticket. The Resqyou team will amend your traffic ticket in 7 easy steps:

1. Create an Account
2. Submit your ticket information
3. An attorney will be assigned to your case immediately. S/he will review your within 24 hours
4. Pay the Attorney Fees
5. Resqyou will work hard to have your ticket amended
6. Review and sign the Plea Agreement.
7. Pay fine and court costs

Project Scope

Mobile App Design and Branding


1 year

Client Location



After working on the project for almost 6 months, we provided our client a simple and to the point designs that were solving the exact problem that Missouri people were facing. Check out some of the screens below:
(A full case study is coming soon)